The Deal

Nothing excites me more than a good deal but the deal I got at Rite Aid yesterday earned it’s spot as the second post on this blog. I actually needed these frames–as in they’ve been sitting in my Amazon shopping cart waiting for the day that I hit $25 so I avoid shipping charges. They are nothing really exciting, they’re just standard cheap 8X10 frames. While on my way to Granny’s house I stopped over at Rite Aid and saw a 90% off clearance section. No joke. And as I’m sure many have guessed the frames were in it! There was no price but I still grabbed all of them and guess what? They were 30 cents a piece! But wait- when the receipt came out I saw there were $1 in rewards on 2 of them! I actually got paid 50 cents to buy 5 frames that I needed! Life is good.

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