Good morning

I know I’m not alone here.

6:30–mama, is it day yet?
6:31–I’m wet
6:32–I have to poop
6:33–can I have juice?
6:33–can I have a juice box?
6:33–get up
6:34–can I lay in your bed?
7:14–I’m dressed
7:15–I want ice cream
7:15–I want chocolate yogurt
7:16–can you get up right now?
7:30–is it day time?
7:31–can I touch Lisi?
7:32–what if I’m so gentle?
7:33–can I wake Judah?
7:33–can I watch him sleep?
7:34–is Sid on yet?
7:35–can you turn on the tv and then go back to sleep?
….now there’s an idea
She means well. 

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