I ventured to Central Park with all 3 solo for the first time this week. (enter applause) The big ones did that thing where they both run in opposite directions to the highest piece of equipment they can get to. Lisi did that crazy thing where she screams like a….baby. My instinct is to run to Jude because he’s most likely to fall but Annie is up so high and Lisi is so loud. So I grab Lisi, attach her to my boob, chase Judah, grab him in my other hand and run across the park just in time to watch Annie make a graceful landing off the monkey ropes. 

My solution? Well we tried swings but I don’t care for them. The kids don’t get tired from them and I don’t get to sit. How cheap.

I do, however, get cute pics! Later in the afternoon we went up to Bennett park. There’s a giant mud puddle that we play in on rainy days but when I saw them going for the rock to climb on I veered them over to the puddle.

Best part? They took a bath for almost an hour when we got home.

Great success!

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