Pier 51

I will not talk about the weather.

I will not talk about the weather.
I will not talk about the weather.
I will not talk about the weather.

But……. It’s been cold out there. I’m trying to think warm thoughts so today I’m going to talk about my favorite playground (so far) in the City. Last May I was checking out the new Coffee Bean on the corner of 14th Street and 9th Avenue and afterward I felt like trying something new. I googled “playgrounds in the meatpacking district” and Hudson River Park Pier 51 popped up so off we went.

It took some walking around but it’s a pretty cool neighborhood to get lost in. The streets are cobblestoned and can get a little confusing — I was literally standing on the corner of 4th Street and 10th Street. How does that happen? My goal is to figure out that neighborhood by the time summer rolls around. I think I can do it.

So the park is on the water at 12th Street. If you don’t feel like exploring just go west on 14th Street and walk south along the water. You would think 14th and 12th Streets are 2 blocks away but they are NOT. (Ok, I’ll stop.) This park has a great water feature that turns on around Memorial Day and a little stream of water runs through the park — perfect for parents who want to get their toes wet. There’s also a sandbox, two sets of equipment — one for big kids and one for the littles — and plenty of benches if you feel like, well, sitting.

There’s also a giant spiral structure in the center but if you don’t trust your kid I recommend running up there with them — there’s a pole that will take you down to the bottom.

There are some sick views of the Hudson and it feels like you’re on a ship complete with a telescope so you can check out Lady Liberty! 
These girls loved getting their hair wet in the stream.
I bet no one peed in that water.
What makes this playground awesome? 
-The playground is surrounded by water and I feel like I’m on vacation.
-There are bathrooms on the premises. Like actual toilets, not just bushes.
-There’s a small grassy picnic area. There’s also an ice cream truck on the premises!
-Make a day out of it and walk along the Hudson, there are plenty of piers to be seen!
Here’s to counting down the days ’til ice cream is a necessary part of the day!

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