Fort Washington Park

On a recent afternoon out with a bestie, I insisted we check out this new playground I had just read about. I liked the name: “Discovery Playground”.  Sounds educational, right?  I wasn’t exactly sure how to get there but I had a vague image in my mind of where it was supposed to be. So we walked and walked, all the while noting we were walking downhill (which means more uphill on the way back). We were at the point where we’d walked as far west as we possibly could and were looking DOWN at where we needed to be. We had to somehow cross the West Side Highway but there were no overpasses in sight. We needed an underpass. Although I’m a native New Yorker I’m never too proud to ask for directions. A jogger explained that we’d have to go down what seemed like an infinite number of steps, walk under the highway and backtrack a bit. OK.
I think this was taken at the halfway point. And then we walked. And the girls peed on the side of the highway. 
Let’s just say we got there. 
The park itself was actually quite fabulous. It was along the water, great views and literally in the middle of nowhere so it was oddly relaxing. There are tennis courts, picnic tables, a public bathroom about 10 blocks up, and plenty of trees. I’ve seen people BBQing and fishing, too.  
Here are some shots of the actual playground. I like that it had a little nature theme, it definitely stood out from the other NYC playgrounds.
This rope structure was a lot harder to climb than you’d think. 

Plenty of open space

Lots of climbing
Not just any old mushrooms, some were bouncy.


Might be the closest they’ll get to a nature hike for now.
Check out the Little Red Lighthouse
Well, what up GWB?

So full disclosure: I don’t know the best way to get there but probably not the route we took. There were so many uphills on the way back I may have had a mini-heart attack. I mean it just kept going. 
So would I go back? YES! This is a great destination playground, you can probably spend a whole Sunday afternoon on these grounds. There were swings in a few sizes, sprinklers and lots of seating for those who like to sit (pick me. pick ME!). It was also just a FUN park. I was totally climbing on the equipment myself. There was also this really cool zip-line that I would have loved to go on but then I was scared the littles would want to try it as well, which would mean that I’d have to do a lot more work. And we all know how I feel about doing work.

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