Washington Square Park

Often I decide which playground we’re going to based on this factor: is it near a train station with an elevator? It’s a pretty big deal. The station at west 4th street is pretty sweet, as it has seven different subway lines. Another factor: is it near a Coffee Bean? Check check.
Washington Square Park, my new favorite, is pretty huge. Aside from the playgrounds, which I’ll get to later, there’s always so much going on. This has been our go-to for the last 2 weeks and I’d be perfectly happy going back again this weekend!
Some people you might see if you venture down there:
The Bubble Lady
Can we note that Padma Laksmi is over there with her daughter? Can we pretend that we’re friends and she planned to match with Craig and Judah? Ok.
She knows what she’s doing. It’s not like the guy in Central park where people are just standing around waiting for good bubbles. Her bubbles are consistently awesome. We could have stood there all day.
The Pigeon Guy
Ok, a bit gross. I didn’t actually get a good picture of the pigeon guy because I was too busy running away from his disease-infested pigeons. But if pigeons are your thing he’ll totally give you birdseed to feed them. 
The Marionette Guy
I don’t get it but Judah was doing a belly laugh watching this guy.
The Pianist
Hehehe, that word always makes me laugh. Apparently I can’t talk dirty on here anymore since this site was recently banned at Craig’s office. It may have had something to do with this. Right. The piano guy.  He’s pretty solid.
The Musical Hippies
This is one of Judah’s favorites. It’s always a large crowd of people singing songs I don’t know, but they’re so happy I just feel like dancing!
Then you have the usual……
The Arch
If you’re coming to park, you have to take a picture by the arch. You just have to.
The Fountain
More fun when it’s on. Still unclear if you’re allowed in. Oh and don’t drink the water. Not sure if it’s related or not but Annie and Jude had some stomach issues after playing in there. Just a heads-up.
The Playgrounds
There’s a regular one and a baby one. The regular one has sprinklers, sand, swings and great equipment. The baby is great for little ones. Everything is small. I feel like a giant walking into that place.
“Futuristic Playground”

I think this really deserves it’s own post BUT it’s pretty much a bunch of hills and valleys made out of Astroturf, with a spiderweb of rope to climb on, a really high rope bridge/monkey bars, and awesome hills to roll on.

To sum up, GET DOWN THERE! Besides what I mentioned there are chess tables, musicians everywhere, some guy with parrots on his shoulder, celeb sightings, breakdancing shows in the fountain (when the water is off), ice cream stands and most importantly, bathrooms! Enjoy!


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