Summer of Lisi — Week #6

And on to week #6 we go!

Shopping from a New Angle

Not for me, for Lisi. Since we don’t have a car (or license, more on that another time) my stroller is like my car. When I go shopping I can buy whatever fits in the basket and that’s it. Makes sense. As a result, however, my kids never really get the sitting in a shopping cart experience. The other day when we went to Trader Joe’s there were some elevator issues and I thought, maybe we should just go a little crazy and use the cart. So we ditched the stroller and Lisi absolutely loved it. It was like she was experiencing Trader Joe’s from a totally  new perspective.

It’s the little things in life that please a 1 year old.


The Fitting Room

I think the days when I could go shopping and Lisi would happily sit in the stroller and watch me are coming to an end. I’m thankful that she lasted as long as she did, but now I have to get a little more creative when I want to take her shopping. Ever since having kids I rarely use fitting rooms. Especially at stores with amazing return policies like Anthropologie — remember when I worked there? remember when I had a discount? I miss that — there really isn’t a need to try things on in the store when I can just try it on at home and do a mass return (or not) once a month. But now with Lisi itching to come out of the stroller I decided to just go to the fitting room.


She had a plan of her own. Special thanks go to the fitting room girl for providing me with free babysitting!

And don’t worry, I still did plenty of damage!


Impromptu Picnic

Realizing that Lisi needed to come out of the stroller we had a quick little picnic in Central Park. I think she ate more grass than food that day. We sat by the lake at 59th and 5th and there was a guy playing the saxophone nearby. I felt like we were in a movie. Then I saw a rat. I’ve been seeing lots of those in Central Park lately.


Consignment Shopping

I love Clementine Consignment! They sell higher end, gently worn (or new with tags) kids and maternity clothing. You’ll find lots of fun pieces that you won’t see every kid in the playground wearing, and you’ll find brands that are harder to find or fun ones that you’ve never even heard of. I love Mini Boden but they don’t sell it anywhere in the city, and now I can get it! And I love this place not just for the shopping, which is pretty great. And not just because I made a few dollars from donated clothing. Everyone there is super nice, there are toys to keep little ones occupied and they have snacks! If you’re ever in the West Village I highly recommend swinging by!

IMG_7921  unnamed

Washington Square Park

This is one of my favorites, you all know that by now. It had been a while so we stopped by.

IMG_7934  IMG_7931

Maybe it’s just me but the fountain was looking a bit green?

And that was how we spent our week! Stay tuned for the final week in the Summer of Lisi!

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