Summer of Lisi — Week #5

I know, I’m slacking off. It’s nearly the end of week #6 and I’m just getting everything together from week #5. Craig usually edits my spelling and grammar but I’m going to live a little and just post, sorry in advance if I use too many commas or apostrophe’s in the wrong places. I had major blog issues this week, not really sure what happened, I did something stupid and here we are, temporarily back at Blogger. Keeping in mind that this week was the 9 days, I kept in the spirit of the holiday didn’t do anything too crazy.

Pizza Date at Grandma’s

Well not quite a date. I did lunch with Lisi while she was awake at a local pizza shop. We sat at the table together so I guess you can call it a date? But is that weird? A date with my 1 year old daughter? Let’s just say I had lunch with Lisi. Their pizza is pretty good, the staff is mediocre (as in there’s 1 guy that doesn’t seem to like me or people in general but the others are really nice so that makes up for it) and they have this pizza sauce…. Let’s just add that to the long list of food I’d ok to bathe in. Yum.


Think Coffee

Feeling adventurous I thought I’d try a new coffee shop, why not? I went to the one on 8th avenue. Ok, so I’m not the type of person to recommend cafe’s to sit in to get some work done. I’ve gotten yelled at a few too many times by patrons trying to get work done. Your kids are loud, um no, ma’am, your butt is loud. If you wanted to get work done than a cafe is not a good place for quiet, go to the library. Well, time has passed and I got over it. This particular cafe had a really nice and spacious back room and I highly recommend trying it out! Plus their coffee was great and the staff was really friendly (and not the annoying kind of friendly).

911 Memorial

So I’m the first to admit that I don’t follow the news as much as I should. In fact I get all of my current events from Facebook. And sadly in my case, if it wasn’t on Facebook it just didn’t happen. Perhaps a 2015 resolution will be to open a newspaper. Lucky for me that won’t be for another few months (holy cow, wasn’t it JUST New Year’s??). Anyway, in not following the news I had no idea this part of the memorial even existed. So while crossing through Ground Zero I came across this I was totally in awe. In the original footprints of the Twin Towers are these granite lined waterfalls circulating about 52,000 gallons of water per minute. It’s seriously insane and worth checking out!



A Walk Through TriBeCa

One of my many summer goals was to walk around neighborhoods I’ve never really walked though. I’ve been through TriBeCa many times but Lisi had just fallen asleep so I just strolled. There were streets I’d never even heard of. Beach, Hubert, Vestry, Desbrosses. Desbrosses? Yup, Desbrosses. And when Lisi woke up we went to the splash park over on Pier 26. That’s a good one. I like it when the sprinklers randomly shut off for a few seconds and then come on and totally get the little boogers in the face. I shouldn’t make fun, that totally happened to me.


Nelson A Rockefeller Park

When we (I) had enough of the water park, I just kept walking along the pier through Battery Park. I had heard of Rockefeller Park and it was on my list of places to check out. It was really nice but we only stayed for a little since Lisi was ready for another nap (she doesn’t usually nap this much, it was the early stages of a virus I guess). I walked and walked along the water, there was a huge grassy area and then a new territory that I decided I’d need a whole other morning to discover but I can’t wait to go back!


Don’t laugh, I started jogging. This deserves a post of its own but I tried out a jogging stroller around town and I got a little sweaty and liked it! By the end of the week Lisi had come down with a high fever and unexplained reddish purple rash. With the help of a baby wipe I realized it was remains of the snow cone she grabbed from Judah. In any case, she was really out of it and just wanted to sleep all day. And I’m pretty sure she was less than thrilled that I stuck her in a strange stroller and went running up and down who knows where.

Note: Since this was published a week late, I’m pleased to report /that Lisi is feeling much better. We believe she had Roseola (she had a actual rash that wasn’t food) and got better on her own!

Also, apologies again for any spelling or grammatical errors!

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