Summer of Lisi — Week #7

Huge game changer this weekend: Lisi started walking. Like real walking, not just the let’s count how many steps she just took kind of walking. Actually taking so many steps we stopped counting because she’s truly walking! The crazy part is that now all she wants to do is walk around and explore (read: get into trouble). And so that chapter of her life begins. 

 Battery Park City

We kicked off the week with a baby White Party. It was interesting. There was an Instagram meet-up and I thought it was a good excuse to get downtown. It was really beautiful! There were crazy views of Jersey City, the Verrazano Bridge and the Statue of Liberty. There was also excellent sushi nearby in the lobby of 11 Broadway. Who knew?  I can’t wait to get back down there with the Annie and Judah once camp is over!

Office visit

 Since it was the last week of camp I had to get some things done without Lisi (namely getting my annual skin check), so I sent her to the daycare at Craig’s office. I like to think that it’s a lot of fun for her. She hasn’t told me otherwise.



I stopped at Craig’s office to eat lunch. I had eggs and tuna in my salad so he kept spraying (possibly toxic) compressed air my way to divert the odor. I totally didn’t take that into account when deciding what to put in my salad. You live, you learn.

A Jog

See, when I say jog it’s hardly a jog, it’s like a fast walk. I jogged to Target even though I didn’t need anything. Normally when I do that I end up leaving with about $150 worth of things that I don’t need. Now that I’m hooked on Google Express it was more like $26 worth of things I didn’t need. #winning

All proud of myself for not spending money on things we don’t need, I thought we’d have a celebratory lunch at Caffeccino. They have the BEST cheese danishes!

Lincoln Center

 I’ve passed this place like a bajillion times but never really just sat and chilled…..until last week! It’s an easy place to just stop for a few minutes, it’s right in between the Time Warner Center and Trader Joe’s! It was the most beautiful day outside ever and I didn’t mind the occasional mist from the fountain.

 And now that she’s walking it was a great place for her to stretch her little legs!

Tots Playground

This playground re-opened about a year ago. Lisi is the perfect age for this playground. There’s no real equipment, just lots of things to climb on and of course swings, sand, sprinklers and benches. You can never have too many benches.

And just like that the Summer of Lisi is over. 

I hope everyone enjoyed and I’m always open to new suggestions! Up next is 3 weeks of mommy camp. Yikes.


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