Feeling Juicy

Ok, so I’m trying out something new. I’ll be straight up with you guys because if you’re reading this I like you. A lot. In an effort to pimp out this blog a bit I’m doing a giveaway. Wait, what? A GIVEAWAY? Yeah. Here’s the story: I received an email saying I can run a giveaway on this product. Ever hear of Citrus Lane? I kind of did — it pops up in my Facebook ads, but other than that, not so much. So I did some research and it looks pretty cool.

Basically you get a gift box every month full of products that you’d likely enjoy for your little one(s). And these gift boxes actually look pretty amazing. Some brands include Skip Hop, Melissa and Doug, Plan Toys and lots of other awesome companies.  Go to citruslane.com (my computer is acting a little wonky and won’t let me link things up or add pictures. weirdo.), plug in your kid’s age and pick whichever subscription you want! As I write this I’m tempted to sign up. This makes a great gift as well!

Since this is practically my first giveaway, I hope it works! I’m giving away a 2-month gift box subscription —- that’s a lot of stuff!

Contest ends Wednesday, October 22. Good luck!


Oh, and if there are any spelling or grammar errors I take full responsibility. Craig usually edits but he’s out like a light!

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