Dear Craig

This one actually started out as email to Craig but as it got longer I realized I may as well turn it into a post. And it’s been about 2 weeks since I last posted, that driver’s license totally got to my head. Craig is out of town for business and between the time change and the jet-lag we don’t really get to talk much so I’ll send an email of everything I’ve done while he’s gone. That was totally a run-on sentence I think. Forgive me, Craig usually  edits.

You might remember my Summer of Lisi series this summer? For those just tuning in, I posted all the activities I did with Lisi each week. Some weeks were better than others but for the most part they were really fun. Then the school year started and it was still just me and Lisi. I quickly realized that if we stayed home she would take a longer nap in her crib and then I can take one too. Or catch up on 19 Kids and Counting. Or make myself a herring sandwich. On a good day I could do all 3. Aaaanyway, today Annie had off from school and Judah didn’t so I thought I’d let Annie (help) decide what we’d do. I threw a few suggestions out there: we could go to the zoo, run through leaves in Central Park, go to Trader Joe’s (I tried!), paint pottery — and she stopped me. Paint pottery! Ok, cool. While eating breakfast I got it in my head that I wanted to take her to see Frozen on Ice later this week. I found tickets at a decent price and impulsively bought them. I quickly had some buyer’s remorse .

Me: Hey, Annie? Wanna see Frozen on Ice?

Annie: Yeah! Yeah! Frozen! Frozen!

Me: Ok, so we probably shouldn’t spend any money today. Maybe no pottery painting?

Annie: Fine. Frozen! Frozen!

Me: Wanna see the fake pigeons in Washington Square Park?

Annie: That’s what I wanted to do today anyway!


And our morning continued. Did I mention everyone was up before 7? Including me. It was the longest morning ever. It was also the morning Lisi discovered herring spread. She drooled watching me eat it with a spoon until I finally let her try it. She would runaway and come back every 5 minutes for a refill. She repeated that 3 times.

Last night we got a free skateboard and baby stroller. Judah decided he’s going to stand on it whenever he plays with the iPad. He has yet to fall. Lisi loves the stroller, she keeps giving it kisses and walked around with a toy phone propped between her shoulder and cheek. Such a mini me. She was running away in this picture because I had just refilled her spoon. Definitely a mini me.

Oh, I almost forgot. Remember Annie’s counselor in camp that summer when she was 2?  She’s running a marathon for sick kids and was a few dollars short of her goal for the day so we helped her reach it. She hasn’t quite reached her goal, it’s a really good cause — if anyone is feeling generous, you can donate here.

I got everyone was dressed and ready to go. We brought Judah to school and he totally did that thing where he cries for 2 seconds so I feel like he misses me. Thanks for that, buddy. And we were off to Washington Square Park. We obviously started with Coffee Bean. Annie asked for a purple sparkly macaroon but I said no because I didn’t want to spend extra money today. She took it like a champ. Then we went to the fake grass. There’s a huge monkey bar rope going across and Annie was determined to make it across. She must’ve tried 15 times. Never quite made it all the way across but she still did pretty well!


I can’t go to Washington Square Park without running in to Clementine Consignment. Dude. They had kid’s Uggs for $19.99. $19.99! That’s cheaper than the knockoffs! I also made Annie pose in front of your alma mater. She insisted on using the bathroom there, explaining that a school MUST have a bathroom but I made her hold it in. She literally went 10 minutes before. It’s like she needs to leave her mark everywhere. I totally get it.

We went to the fountain but the water was off. Duh. I told Annie there wouldn’t be any water. She said I was wrong but I totally wasn’t.


Annie and Lisi were running around and dancing to all the street music and then we saw the Flash Flock setting up. She’s awesome. She made all of those pigeons herself (with lots of love!), really awesome. It might be my favorite thing these days. There are always real pigeons walking through thinking they are chilling with other pigeon friends. Ha.


Last night I gave myself an awesome sparkly manicure at Sephora and Annie was totally jealous so I brought her over today. It was pink and purple with lots of sparkles. It came off before she went to bed tonight but you can never go wrong with free. Seeing that we were 2 blocks away from Trader Joe’s we just HAD to go. Would’ve been wrong not to.

We ended the day by picking Judah up from school and going to Bennett Park with friends. When we got home, they took baths (I know, it’s not Friday but was totally necessary), ate dinner and went to sleep. No one came out for water or to pee (hi Annie) and Judah and Lisi barely cried. It was a good day.


Tomorrow I will resume my regularly scheduled program including: cereal with chocolate milk, wasabi herring and catch up on the show I didn’t know I was pregnant. (How do they not know? You thought it was gas? Seriously?)

Have a good night, Craig! Miss you!

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