Five Minutes

So I’m still recovering from our walk home from school yesterday. It was awful. Up until about 3:15 I was having a glorious day. I sent Lisi to a babysitter and had some much-needed alone time. I got a wax, had my own ice cream (that in and of itself makes for an awesome day), rode the local train all the way downtown just because and then did some shopping at the big Century 21. I even started missing the kids on the way home so it was just what I needed. I picked up Lisi first. I don’t know what her problem is but she hasn’t been feeling the stroller lately. Or maybe it’s more of a love-hate relationship because the babysitter said she refused to come out all day so maybe she just had enough. Who knows, babies are weird.

While we waited for Annie to come out from school I let Lisi run around in the school yard. She was excited for like a minute and then wanted to be held. I held her. Annie came out, they had a cute little hyper reunion and it was time to walk up the block to get Judah. I attempted to put Lisi back in the stroller and she wasn’t having it. She totally knows how to wiggle out. So halfway up the block she’s standing and screaming in the stroller. I have one hand on her so she doesn’t fall, I’m pushing the stroller with the other hand and Annie is holding the belt of my jacket as we cross the street. Normally around this part of our walk Annie will say something like “I need the bathroom right now” or “I don’t want to get Judah today” or “Can you just take me home, turn on the TV and then get Judah?”. Sensing my anxiety, she didn’t dare say a word. I finally gave in and just held screaming Lisi who was now inexplicably reaching for the stroller. I mean what can she possibly want? It’s not like she wanted to go in it.

We make it to Judah’s school. He won’t go in the stroller so Lisi really had to go in. I’m fighting her, she’s screaming and arching her back. In the corner of my eye I see Judah trying to open every car door he sees. Crap. I get Lisi kind of in the stroller and I turn to Judah and he’s halfway up the block running with Annie. As I start speed-walking in an effort to catch up with them I see Judah trip and do a faceplant on the ground. Sweet. He bought me like 30 seconds. Of course Lisi is standing and screaming by now. Annie helps Judah up (so sweet) and he’s fine. He continues running.

I don’t know what came over him but he just kept running. And then he ran into the street. Like not just a step off the curb. Like actually standing in the middle of the street. Omg. I run after him, grabbed him with more force than I thought I’d be capable of and threw him on the sidewalk. What the hell. In the meantime, Lisi didn’t stop. She’s standing in the stroller screaming and reaching for us and then the stroller slowly starts rolling. Annie, with her quick thinking grabs the stroller. She was totally freaked out. Once we safely made it across the street I take Lisi out and carry her for the rest of our walk home. I walk through the door, turn on the TV, take off my jacket, scarf and bra, make myself a hot chocolate (threw in marshmallows when no one was looking) and sat on the couch. End scene.

Did you know that in real time that was all about 5 minutes? I want to say that those 5 minutes made me stronger but they possibly made me weaker. Definitely made my ego weaker. I spent the next half hour in a state of shock trying to figure out how to keep that scenario from ever happening again.

Some days are really good and I know they’re really good kids. If not I’d trade them in (I’m all talk). Some days they pull stunts like that. I mentioned that earlier in the day I went to the big Century 21 downtown. If you’ve never been, it’s really great! They had a new display of Frozen paraphernalia. I got giddy when I saw it and bought way too many things they really didn’t need (at a discount!). I called Craig afterward and I was like why did I buy all that stuff? He was like well, that was nice of you and they’re good kids…. usually. He had a point. After I cooled off a bit I called Annie over. Let’s face it, she was a rockstar throughout all the crazy. I asked her if I could give her a little present. I bought her her own little piece of carry-luggage on wheels. It’s about the size of Lisi (hmmmmm). She asked if she can keep it and put some things in it. She was really excited and a little while later she told me that she loved it and it made her so happy. I needed to hear that. Of course all hell broke loose when Judah saw so I gave him his new Olaf umbrella. Maybe I bought myself a little quiet last night but I had a lot of thinking to do. Do I start using a double stroller for pickup? Get Judah first? Get a leash and let Lisi run wild? Something definitely needs to change in our pickup routine. All I know for now is that all 3 kids are laying quietly in their beds and tomorrow is a new day.

Can’t wait!

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