Hillbilly Lisi

Ah, Lisi. I’ll probably delete this post once my other kids discover this blog but Lisi is totally my favorite. There, I said it. She’s spunky, easy-going and loves to cuddle at all the right times. She’s hilarious as far as babies go and she’s also very mischievous. She’s adventurous and at her age, adventurous and reckless go hand in hand.

Friday night while Annie and Craig go to Shul, I light the Shabbos candles while Judah anxiously waits by my side to blow out the little candle I use to light the other candles. Lisi will usually watch and copy everything I’m doing. Then we have a big good Shabbos hug. Last week Lisi was preoccupied with a slide she got as a Chanukah present so I let her be during candle lighting. Just as I was making it to the living room to give her her Shabbos hug, I realized that she must have just fallen down. She was crying and there was blood coming out of her mouth. When Craig and I first started having kids, the deal was that I would deal with the diapers and he would deal with blood and throw-up. Of course most of the time when blood and throw-up happen, he isn’t around.

So now there’s blood dripping out of her mouth and all over my t-shirt (heck yeah I was still in pajamas!). I wasn’t too concerned because I knew that it was normal for there to be a lot of blood with a mouth injury. She settled down, the bleeding stopped and I gave her (and Judah — sympathy pains) an ice pop and went to change out of my blood-stained clothing. When I came back Lisi was going up and down the slide again. I was a little curious as to the source for all that blood so I took a peek in her mouth. She immediately gave me a big smile. I’ll never forget that big goofy smile. She was missing her front tooth. OMG! Okay, must find the tooth. I returned to the scene of the crime and there it was. It was like one of those horror movies where that music is playing, you know what I’m talking about? And there it was. Looking at me.


Okay, play it cool, maybe Craig won’t notice? I put the sucker in a cup of milk and ran to Shul to ask the dentist what to do. Of course our dentist was in Australia. Why wouldn’t he be? After I broke the news to Craig and we spoke with a local hygienist, our wonderful neighbor did some Google research and we decided to try and pop the tooth back in. They tried. I hid in the bedroom under some blankets. The tooth slid in neatly but it had to be held in place for way too long. Lisi wasn’t having it.

After Shabbos I spoke to our dentist. Apparently it’s not common practice to pop back in a baby tooth and even if you’re successful, there’s a risk of infection, possible root canal and the tooth can turn grey. So I guess for now (and for the next five years) she’ll be Hillbilly Lisi.


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