Apparently, iPhones don’t like being precariously balanced on a stroller canopy next to the concrete ground. So in case you were planning on doing that, well, you probably shouldn’t. I was lucky enough to get an appointment at the Genius Bar that night. It felt as though this phone was my child and I had failed at keeping this child safe and protected; the least I could do was rush it to a top specialist. I was told that my phone didn’t sustain any serious injuries other than a cracked screen, and so they recommended that I could either check my phone in overnight or come back early the next morning. I opted for the overnight stay — I mean, how much do I really use my phone?

As it turns out, I use it quite a bit. I really try not to. In theory, I try to live in the moment. If my battery is low by the end of the day it means I’ve used it too much. I used to pride myself in not being a slave to my device. But I was totally kidding myself.

I dropped my phone off that night at the Apple Store on 14th Street. My first thought walking down the street was I’m hungry, maybe I should order Chop Chop now so it’ll be waiting for me when I get home. D’oh, maybe not, no phone, right. Unsure of the time, I decided to just head home. I walked along the subway platform. I saw a rat on the tracks and stared at it. I spotted a bag of kale in some guy’s Whole Foods bag and then remembered that I had the exact same bag in my fridge. Hungry. I normally would have reached into my pocket to Google a fun kale recipe… ugh. Okay, this is going to be a long night. And seriously, what time is it??? As I walked to the northern end of the platform, I passed person after person staring at their devices, all oblivious to this rat walking along side me on the tracks. I got on the train. The only person not on a phone was the homeless guy sprawled out on the other side of the train. I read all the ads. I even switched seats to read the ads on the other side. I peeked over at the guy next to me playing Candy Crush and thought about gently reminding him that it’s not 2012, but then I remembered I’m not mean. I hummed some songs in my head. At last it was my stop. I got off and walked home.

I ran to my iPad. What did I miss? And what time is it? Seriously? It had only been an hour? What’s wrong with me?

The next morning was equally tough. It was my kids’ first full day of school and I had no way of documenting it (which was probably for the best, as there were some ugly tears). Luckily, I rode the train down with Craig otherwise I would’ve gone crazy reading the exact same ads I had stared at the night before. I considered stopping at Coffee Bean before my phone and I were reunited but I was too excited.

In retrospect, I shouldn’t have lied and told them I had backed it up, but that’s kind of my problem. I was told that, even though they had taken extraordinary measures, they couldn’t save my phone so they’d be replacing it with a new one. The last time I had backed my phone up was March so that’s pretty much where we stand. 

Now what? Am I an addict? Should I disconnect for a bit? Let’s see, up until this incident all was good. I still enjoyed life and my phone was still charged at the end of the day. So as they say, “if it ain’t broke….” Unless it’s cracked, that is, in which case bring a book and a watch.

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