More B**bs

I’ve written about this topic before but here we are again. You might be wondering if I’m nursing Gabriella. Yup. How’s it going? Well, funny you should ask. Because to be completely honest, there have been some bumps along the way. We’ve had thrush which, if you haven’t had the privilege of experiencing, stinks.  I’m also starting to think she might need to have her tongue clipped. But otherwise it’s going along just fine. Sometimes I enjoy nursing. When I have the luxury to sit down and give it my complete undivided attention, it’s great. Sometimes I can keep feeding her until she stops and just gazes at me, occasionally cracking a dimply smile before falling into a deep sleep right in my arms. Then there are the times when I’m trying to get ready to go out and she just starts screaming bloody murder. Her screams are so pathetic that if the neighbors didn’t know me, they’d probably be calling CPS or ringing the bell to make sure everything is okay. So even though I could be halfway out the door, I have to run back inside and quickly feed her. And it’s not a pleasant feed, either — usually I’m walking around like a crazy lady with my shirt half up, grabbing some last minute snacks from the closet and picking up magnatiles before someone takes another spill. And when it ends, with me dislatching Gabriella, she winds up screaming louder than when we started.

Last week I was at Trader Joe’s. It was a little crowded and the “team member” (that’s TJ’s for “worker”) was holding a giant end-of-the-line sign pretty far back. I knew it was going to be a bit of a wait at checkout but I didn’t mind because it gave me a chance to do some impulse shopping while waiting. Gabriella started to fuss a bit as we shopped, so I figured I’d just feed her once I was on line. When the line was moving kind of slowly I took her out, gave her some kisses, latched her on and continued following the line. There was on older, well-meaning lady watching me. And by watching I mean staring. And she wasn’t smiling. She came over to me and suggested that I go sit down to feed her. Now, I don’t like advice. I’m really stubborn. It’s not one of my best qualities but I just wasn’t in the mood. Ha, I’d love to sit down and feed her but I don’t really have time right now. Uugh. I continued following the line, grabbing a box of heirloom tomatoes on my way. This lady, still staring at me, was now shaking her head.

The thing is, I shouldn’t have to defend myself. There was no skin showing, and even if there was, why would she look? I’m not an uberboober at all. I don’t know that “breast is best” and I don’t even know if it’s cheaper or more convenient. I do know that for now it’s working for us so even if I’m standing in line at Trader Joes, you bet I’ll be lifting up my shirt to feed my baby. I went on to grab four delicata squash. I was pretty psyched to see those bad boys back in season. I was directed to register 23, where I paid and headed toward the elevator. Another lady with a stroller pulled over next to me. “I saw that move you did in the line before and it was awesome.” Wow, talk about making my day. And I guess sometimes nursing can be pretty darn awesome.



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