While You Were Away

A couple times a year Craig travels overseas for work. It kind of stinks. I can’t sleep at night and I find myself Googling phrases like “murder in London” and “explosion in Barcelona”. Last Wednesday night I stayed away from Facebook out of fear someone would post “Air Berlin plane crash”. I’m pleased and relieved to announce that he has returned safe and sound. While he’s away we don’t realty talk much because he’s actually working so I’m putting up a little photo diary of what we’ve been up to the last 4 days. Enjoy!

^^^Gabriella had thrush…again.

^^^Lisi cried when I didn’t let her take 3 pounds of candy outside.


^^^They hung out by the ice skating rink before it turned to ice.

^^^Annie got her first bike…for $10!

^^^Lisi cried when Annie took away her giant candy bag….again.

^^^These guys were pulling some crazy bedtime shenanigans.

^^^Lisi unpacked her bag minutes before we left for school and started eating her snacks.


^^^Gabriella had her tongue clipped in 2 spots!

^^^And then she learned a new trick!

^^^We got caught in a downpour at the park and hid in the bathroom for 30 minutes. Note to self: check weather before leaving.

^^^Then the sun came out and we had the park to ourselves!

^^^And puddles formed.

^^^I gave Annie an industrial sized pack of construction paper and she made an owl without any help!

^^^I let her drink a packet of sugar before we walked across Central Park.

^^^Judah climbed up the rock, I didn’t know he had it in him!

^^^I felt like I was cheating on you by going to a museum but we never made it inside. PS, that structure she’s holding makes farting sounds when you blow in it. Oh, and she lost her other shoe along the way. The only thing more annoying than losing her shoe is getting stopped every 5 minutes by someone telling me she lost her shoe.

 ^^^Only the coolest chair ever.

^^^The time I wished I brought our selfie stick.

Glad to have you back!

Til next time, over and out!

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