Game On

A few weeks ago, Craig’s office was pretty quiet so he suggested “working from home” that Monday. Judah and Lisi had doctor’s appointments first thing in the morning so I ended off dropping them off at school a little late.  I met Craig for pizza and Dunkin Donuts. The food was delicious and it was such a treat to hang out with him with no kids around (Gabriella who?), but a large part of our outting looked something like this:

Was he doing work? Nah. Checking Facebook? I wish. Porn? Nope. He was playing with his new Sim City app. He was the building a freakin’ metropolis and, oh, he’s the mayor. His citizens were all needy, asking for health care and schooling and setting the town on fire and whatnot. They were getting into traffic jams, demanding power and water and complaining about the air. There were even natural disasters. It was ridiculous; I probably would’ve felt better if it was just porn.

So now let’s backtrack eight years. When we first got engaged we went to Arizona for New Year. It was pretty cool to see the house where Craig spent his adolescent years, and it was my first time near the West Coast. Upon arriving I immediately noticed that his old Nintendo was still hooked up. Growing up, I was always a Tetris champion.  I mean, I beat Granny all the time. She’d always marvel at how great I was; she’d even brag to her friends. I was unbeatable. I shared this news with Craig and he’s like, “….oh really.” We ran to the Nintendo that evening after dinner and grabbed controllers. He played a couple of rounds and got some ungodly score of like, 200 or something. Now, I admit that I was a bit rusty. I used to play on the Gameboy, and it had been like ten years since I last played, but I managed. In fact, I sat there playing until around four in the morning until I finally, finally beat his score. I was really excited to finally go to sleep, but not before waking Craig so that he could see my new high score (this was pre-iPhone days). He sleep-walked over to the TV and sat down to play with one eye open. I was changing into pajamas, brushing my teeth and doing my thing, and I come back to see that Craig had just killed my high score. I don’t think I slept that night.

Okay, now back to 2015 (remember when it was 2015?). Going against everything that I believe in, I decided to load the Sim City app. I refused to relive another loss like Tetris. I secretly played every chance I had and I was actually pretty bad at it. I finally told him that I had downloaded the app so that he would at least give me a few pointers. It was almost romantic, I felt like he had never loved as much as he did the moment when I told him I needed help running my city. He definitely helped my town get through some rough times, like when half of my town abandoned me due to fire. Of course a day later I was pretty much kicking his butt.  That was short lived. The other night we stayed up until 1:30 playing. Do you know how embarrassing it is when you kind of casually mention oh, I slept like five hours last night and the person you’re taking to is like, haha what do you expect when you have little kids? Right, those darn kids.

While I’m a little unaware of the damage this might be doing to my brain cells, and I know that it’s time wasted, I will say that it’s been kind of really fun. We recently moved Baby (yeah, we’re still calling her Baby. It’s not Gabriella, but it’s a step up from New Lisi) at night into the family room / Craig’s man cave / the kid’s playroom / the room with the TV,  as she gets accustomed to sleeping through the night. We’re not especially huge TV watchers; we usually just have it on in the background or something. Now with Baby occupying our space we’ve been occupying our time in other ways, like board games, YouTube karaoke, actual interaction or playing this silly little game. Even though Craig’s city, Lisiland, puts mine to total shame, I have to admit that it’s totally been something silly to bond over.

And as for the great Tetris loss of 2008? I’ll let him have it. I practically let him win anyway.

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