Good morning

I know I’m not alone here.

6:30–mama, is it day yet?
6:31–I’m wet
6:32–I have to poop
6:33–can I have juice?
6:33–can I have a juice box?
6:33–get up
6:34–can I lay in your bed?
7:14–I’m dressed
7:15–I want ice cream
7:15–I want chocolate yogurt
7:16–can you get up right now?
7:30–is it day time?
7:31–can I touch Lisi?
7:32–what if I’m so gentle?
7:33–can I wake Judah?
7:33–can I watch him sleep?
7:34–is Sid on yet?
7:35–can you turn on the tv and then go back to sleep?
….now there’s an idea
She means well. 


I ventured to Central Park with all 3 solo for the first time this week. (enter applause) The big ones did that thing where they both run in opposite directions to the highest piece of equipment they can get to. Lisi did that crazy thing where she screams like a….baby. My instinct is to run to Jude because he’s most likely to fall but Annie is up so high and Lisi is so loud. So I grab Lisi, attach her to my boob, chase Judah, grab him in my other hand and run across the park just in time to watch Annie make a graceful landing off the monkey ropes. 

My solution? Well we tried swings but I don’t care for them. The kids don’t get tired from them and I don’t get to sit. How cheap.

I do, however, get cute pics! Later in the afternoon we went up to Bennett park. There’s a giant mud puddle that we play in on rainy days but when I saw them going for the rock to climb on I veered them over to the puddle.

Best part? They took a bath for almost an hour when we got home.

Great success!

Day #2

Ok, I’m actually doing this.
Today was fun. We were out all day. We hit up Union Square, may have stolen some bubbles but I’ve really been wanting those bubbles for a while! Went on a major hunt for Spanx to hide some jiggle, had 16 handles, hung with some good peeps, dumped 3 hyper children on a 13 year old and bolted. Picked up Craig went to Brooklyn and fell in love with it! There’s always been so much Brooklyn hate-I don’t mean hipster Brooklyn, I mean Jewish Brooklyn, and what’s to hate? Good food. Nice homes. Fine. That may be it but come on!


Where’s Coco?

It’s day #3 of our Orlando vacation and we still haven’t seen Coco, our hotel mascot. We are staying at the lovely Coco Key waterpark resort, yes resort, and upon booking I read so much about this mascot. I pictured this giant parrot running around the resort for all to photograph with and I have yet to see him. Apparently he has exclusive hours. Whatever.

Update: day #4 after many complaints he made his appearance. He was at the bar. Get it together, Coco.

The Deal

Nothing excites me more than a good deal but the deal I got at Rite Aid yesterday earned it’s spot as the second post on this blog. I actually needed these frames–as in they’ve been sitting in my Amazon shopping cart waiting for the day that I hit $25 so I avoid shipping charges. They are nothing really exciting, they’re just standard cheap 8X10 frames. While on my way to Granny’s house I stopped over at Rite Aid and saw a 90% off clearance section. No joke. And as I’m sure many have guessed the frames were in it! There was no price but I still grabbed all of them and guess what? They were 30 cents a piece! But wait- when the receipt came out I saw there were $1 in rewards on 2 of them! I actually got paid 50 cents to buy 5 frames that I needed! Life is good.


Craig has been telling me for years to start blogging again but my problem was lack of inspiration. With Pesach coming up I’ve been struggling to use up all of my food so I don’t have to throw anything away in 10 days. One thing I have a nice stock of is Trader Joe’s pizza dough- I bought about 6 bags of that stuff and froze it (um at 99 cents who wouldn’t?).  Unless we have pizza for dinner every other night I feared throwing away arguably one of the best things to ever happen to me. Then there was the light bulb. I can use the pizza dough for something other than pizza! So combining Craig’s love for rosemary and my love for dipping things I decided to make a rosemary focaccia!

……well that’s what’s left of it. All it is is the pizza dough, olive oil and rosemary brushed on the dough and some sea salt sprinkled on top. Pop it in the oven for 20 minutes on 350 and done.
So now for all you folks wondering how this is inspirational enough to start a blog? I signed up for  Pinterest a few days ago and I’ve been trying to trying to find a picture of a rosemary focaccia to pin and then I realized I could take a picture of our half eaten one straight on the tin foil!