5:51 am

5:51. That’s the time Annie woke me today. I can’t get the image of the 5:51 on my clock this morning. 5:51. Speaking of images stuck in my head….there was a MO– USE in my kitchen on Wednesday night. He has yet to be caught. So when I saw 5:51 on the clock, saw how dark the apartment was and knew Micky was on the prowl I totally didn’t want to get out bed. I may have sent Annie to turn on all the lights and stamp around. Eventually I turned on the TV and went back to sleep til 8:26. Mother of the year? Maybe not. But I did get 2 hours of extra sleep which definitely made me a better mother. 

^^^^because if I’m keeping this short I may as we’ll throw in a picture!

Black Friday musings

I love Thanksgiving. I love turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, mmmmmmm marshmallows–what’s not to love? I kind of got stuck hosting 3 Thanksgivings ago when I was incredibly pregnant with Judah (speaking of which happy birthday little man, this should be about you, instead I’m taking about food and shopping) and it was just easier to host than go anywhere. Now I love doing it! 

But, my most favorite part is Black Friday shopping! No, I’m not one of those crazies who line up during the meal to buy a TV or computer. I don’t sit out in the cold either. I do wake up at 5:00 and take my 5 month old along. Whatever, I needed the stroller for all my stuff! I really just go to the stores I’d normally shop in and hope there’s some kind of discount. Since I don’t go to the popular stores, it’s empty, no lines, no crowds. It’s awesome. 
My first stop was Anthropologie at Rockefeller Center. 

Can you say crickets? When I went 2 years ago, it was 50% off sale before 11 am. Although many blogs (idiots) reported that for this year, it was only 20% off the entire store. While whining to the cashier she said “well this year we’re giving out holiday poppers, but you have to pop it here”. Ummmm ok! I popped it. Confetti flew out. It was a thrill at 6:25 am. There was also a piece of paper that said I get a gift. Check it out!

I mean, who doesn’t need ceramic measuring spoons shaped like shrooms?
Next stop was banana, it was fine, good times. Same goes for h&m. Coffee bean. I must say, everyone was quite jolly and in full holiday spirit but they didn’t have chocolate cheese muffins so I’m subtracting points. I did exceptionally well at Bloomies. Craig now has a new winter coat for the first time in a decade. 
Next was Gap. If you don’t care, skip this paragraph. They did this 3 years ago-50% off the entire store. I was pumped. I left room in the stroller and I get there, browsed and for the life of me couldn’t find the sale rack. “Um, excuse me, where’s the sale rack?” “Oh, went sent it to the outlets” “You did WHAT???” Unbelievable. I stormed outta there. I called a few more Gaps. Yeah, it was true. I boycotted. 

 ^^^^^this view helped with my rage.

Made a few more stops-Albee, Seasons, Home Goods. There was no longer room in the stroller for Lisi. Got home by 11:30, a good holiday was had by all!


That’s all I got. An awesome title. Since this blog is still a work in progress I really haven’t told many people about it. The only people that really know about it are my Instagram and Pinterest followers. I was absolutely delighted to hear that a good friend stumbled on this last week. So good friend, this one is for you. And believe me, it I had a picture of poop I’d post it. In the meantime, here’s  a picture of someone that makes a lot of it.

Love that kid. Almost as much as I love the word doodie.


Is that a loofah? No, it’s kweenoh.

Ever see that commercial?
Now watch it. Funny, right? Kweenoh.
This brings me to the recipe series of the blog. While I have lots of favorite recipes I don’t really have any that are mine. Over the weekend we had some friends over and they were really digging my quinoa salad. When she asked for the recipe it was like wait a minute, I made it up! While my measurements aren’t exact since I made it up it goes something like this:
1 cup quinoa
2 cups water
Cook according to directions
When finished add:

2 splashes of EVOO
1/2 a lemon’s worth of juice
Some minced garlic (I like the frozen cubes)
Pinch of salt
And the rest is up to you!

This week’s was scallions, celery and capers. Last week was cucumber, red onion and roasted red pepper. You can also go the sweet route with craisins. Once I did lime juice and honey mixed with apples and chopped kale! 

 Go nuts! It’s kweenoh!

29, 3, 7……

Tomorrow is a pretty important date in my life. Not only will it be the 29th birthday of my dear friend RayRay-I believe this is the 15th birthday I’ve known her for? Crazy. Doesn’t make me feel old at all. It’ll also be the 3rd anniversary of finding out I had thyroid cancer-I’m convinced it’s from all the NYC tap water I drank over the years and you can’t put a price on free water. But November 4th marks the night I met Craig for the first time!

November 4th, 2006

A couple weeks before this picture Craig was doing lunch at Milk and Honey with a friend and I was lunching with RayRay. We sat a table not far from Craig and when he saw me he had recognized me from Facebook–we had several mutual friends. My friend Malki had just moved to the heights and was throwing a housewarming party the following Saturday night and when Craig saw that I was attending he managed to get himself an invite as well. At the time I had a blog so Craig read that, studied everything there was to know about me and managed to sweep me off my feet. Of course he didn’t tell me this story for a few more weeks but I thought it was sweet!

Happy 7!!!

Elevator shots

This feels very Grey’s of me but I love our morning elevator rides. Maybe it’s because I’m shipping Annie off for the day (I love her and miss her dearly but come on) or perhaps it’s when she’s at her cleanest but every morning I feel a need to take pictures of her in the elevator. Like many 3 year olds she loves picking out her clothing and hair styles. I admit that I sometimes egg her on but why not? It’s fun!

 Here are some of my favorite elevator shots:

^^^^the day she was Shabbos ema and totally pulled the wig off seconds before arriving in her classroom.

^^^^off to play rummicub at the senior centa


^^^^The day she discovered that 4 pigtails are more fun.

^^^^judah came along.

^^^^perhaps this is just an Annie thing?

Ancient Playground

Yesterday we took Annie and Judah for dentist appointments on the upper east side. I part admit that I planned it this way so I could stop at Le Churro after…which I totally did. That was followed by ice cream, coffee, some dry aged meat and then a playground! I’ve never really been to Ancient Playground before, I’ve only run in to either feed Lisi or pee but it’s definitely been on my list.

The park was pretty, it had a great view of the MET, some gorgeous foliage and the weather was really crisp for a fall day which was nice. I also had some churros left, so that helped!


^^^^climbing the pyramid

^^^^running on the bridges


^^^snacking on churros. My churros.
To sum up. Great playground albeit a little  big if I was taking everyone on my own. A little annoying to get to but definitely a nice change. Swings, monkey bars, bathrooms—but the kind that flush automatically which Annie is scared of…. But lots of bushes as well! A fun day was had by all!

Judah leopard

I’ll start with a confession. I totally don’t remember how to spell his middle name. I know it’s Leopald or maybe Leopold but when autocorrect suggested leopard I just went with it. Judah is my #2. He’s sandwiched between 2 sisters so he has a title to live up to. He’s 22 months and freakin adorable. Until he was born I honestly didn’t think we were capable of making a kid this cute (even though Craig and I are damn good looking). #sorryannieithinkyouregorg

^^^^are hashtags ok? #dontreallycare
Well, now that Annie is in school I get some major bonding time with Judah. He’s a little nutty, has mastered successfully squirming out of the stroller, is always willing to share a latte but most importantly, he’s actually really fun. He always laughs at my jokes-which really helps.

^^^^^that’s my man!

Yesterday, while on our way to Central Park we stopped at the bagel store. He was thrilled. He was picking at his mini bagel the rest of our walk and then I realized there was some coming out if his nose. Wait. Whaaaat?  Then he stuck his finger up his there and lodged it up even further. I tried getting it out but it was already up to his eyeball. After frantically texting friends and reading their frantic reactions-call doctor, go to urgent care, get tweezers etc, I took matters into my own hands. I pinned him down, covered his mouth and nostril and told him to blow. Out came this:

I told everyone it was the size of a raisin. Ironic part? Today I was changing his diaper and he started sniffling funny so once again I covered his mouth and other nostril and out popped a raisin. Karma?

Love you Judah-man!

That skirt

It was brought to my attention that a skirt I bought from Anthropologie about 8 years ago is bring sold again for a whopping $188. I think we paid $10 at the time on a super sale. I seriously hope I didn’t give it away.

At Tami’s engagement party in 2006

At anthropologie.com today

Thanks for finding that Tami!

Tots playground

By popular request (thanks Craig!) I’m starting a series on playgrounds in the City. I’m kicking off with Tots Playground in Central Park located at 68th street and Central Park west. It’s been under construction for the last year or so but it used to  be our go-to park, it was perfect for younger kids or “tots”. Annie’s favorite was the bumpy slide, we even called it the “bumpy slide park”!

Well, the park reopened this week. It happened to be that we were there in the middle of a torrential rainstorm….with zero rain gear. Thanks for the heads up iPhone! I’m sure there’s a website that writes out all the features better than me but shabbos starts in 4 minutes and I’m doing this:
Sand: yes
Swings: yes but there’s no fence which is dangerous but teaches kids not to run in front of a moving swing and annoying because Judah, for example will run right up to the swing and pull on it until I put him in. I don’t care for swings!
Seating: great. Because I like to sit and there are plenty of benches.
Equipment: a slide. Lots of spheres for the little ones to climb on and actually would be a lot of fun if it wasn’t so darn rainy. 
Water feature: a small one and there is a great one in the adjacent playground.
Bathroom: well, not an official one.

And there you have it! I give the new Tots Playground a 7.